Logline: Aimless stoner Bobby's world is shattered when he discovers his father's sudden suicide. As he grapples with the newfound responsibility of caring for his younger half-sister Mia, he is compelled to confront his immaturity and rise to the challenges of adulthood.
Genre: Comedy-Drama, Coming-of-Age

Key Crew & Cast
Director: Jonathan Chao
Writers: Jonathan Chao and Alec Bantivoglio
Producer: David Dolansky
Starring: Joshua Bertell, Sophia Xu, Brielle Angelique, and Preston Sabharwal
Cinematographer: Ruoyang "Jesse" Ren
Editor: Zachary Hess
Production Designer: Aidana Tuzelbayeva
Sound Designer: Akinori Chen
Costume Designer: Katherine Calvert
Music Composer: Risto Miettinen
Casting Director: Tanya Giang, CSA
First Assistant Directors: Elizabeth Katz, Roger Torres, and Ana Farré Moutinho

In Post-Production
Behind the Scenes

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