Logline: When lonely high school student Luke befriends Xander the Genie, he's forced to consider if making his one wish is worth losing his new genie best friend. 
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Coming-of-Age

Key Crew & Cast
Showrunner and Writer: Alec Bantivoglio
Director: Jonathan Chao
Producer: Gabriella Lee
Starring: Tanner Hagen, Derrick Rose, Jacob Ehm, and Gracie Stewart
Cinematographer: Zhen "Donny" Li
Editor: Zachary Hess
Production Designer: Mollie Thomas
Sound Designer: Adrian Arteaga
First Assistant Director: Roger Torres

Date Completed: August 2023; In Festival Consideration

Behind the Scenes
World Premiere at Dances with Films 2023 in NYC

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